If you’re looking to improve your backyard this summer, there are some easy things to do to make your backyard a winner automatically. This article will give you a helpful list of 7 ways to make your backyard remarkable. These are straightforward steps to accomplish; in fact, you can do them all tonight.

Get Rid of the Mosquitos

Better Home Living gives us several easy ways to eliminate mosquitos in our backyard with several straightforward steps. First, it’s essential to get rid of those tiny pesky mosquitos hanging around your backyard. Some steps are as easy as pouring out water in a birdbath.

Add Lighting

Go to the store and purchase new lighting for your backyard. Lights give your backyard character and make it a more enjoyable space. By just adding a couple of strings of lights, you’ll be surprised the difference it will make.

Tidy Up

Putting items in their proper place goes a long way. When your backyard is cluttered and filled with junk, it’s hard to enjoy it. You can purchase a shed and start finding a home for all the items in your backyard.

Live it Up

Spend time in your backyard. I genuinely believe that backyards are meant to be used and enjoyed. Purchase small things that make your backyard better, such as a table, ice maker, a cart for serving. Make your backyard useable – which is why we have them to begin with. Sam Harting has a great article on Better Home Living that talks about a portable ice maker and the benefits to your home. She lists for us the best portable ice makers in Canada. Adding a portable ice maker to your backyard is something simple but brings a lot to the day-to-day living ability of your backyard.


A simple way to make your backyard instantly better is to add some gardens. You can purchase raised gardens for cheap. Adding a garden will help you accomplish more with your backyard, but it also gives it a point of interest. Everyone loves a fresh salad from the vegetables from your garden.

Add Some Colour

A great way to improve your backyard is to add some color. This could be as easy as throwing on a fresh coat of paint or adding an accent color to your outdoor patio. Adding color to your backyard doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, there are so many little things to add that brings a nice contrast to your backyard.

Make it Practical

Backyards are not just for show. They are meant to be lived in and used. It’s important to make sure that your backyard has everything it needs to be enjoyed, and utilized as an essential part of your home. It’s great to add a clothesline and hang up your clothes outside or add some games to your backyard. Remember, that backyards are meant to be used.


Our backyards are an essential part of our home. It’s a place to entertain and socialize. Making it better isn’t difficult. You can use these suggestions above and make your backyard great.