If you don’t have a finished basement, then you are losing valuable liveable space in your home.

About 15 years ago, We lived in a semi on Spadina Road in Kitchener’s east end. It was a starter home for us, and it did not have a finished basement.

Not having a finished basement was what made the house affordable to us.

We lived in that home for several years before we decided to renovate the basement. The basement was a blank slate, and it allowed us to do what every we wanted.

Living in the home for several years, allowed us to know exactly what we wanted and needed in the basement renovation.

We added a washroom (If you are renovating your basement, then I strongly recommend you add a bathroom) and a family area, and it was the best decision that we ever made. The extended square footage to our home made all the difference in the world, and we found ourselves always going downstairs to the family room to hang out.

There are several reasons why you should consider renovating your basement.

  • Increases the useable square footage of your home
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Allows you to customize the renovation to meet your needs
  • You have full control over the design and wall colour of the basement; you can add a washroom, bedroom and closets – it’s all up to you.

If you are considering renovating your basement, then I suggest that you take the next steps and bring your dreams into reality. The only regret that we had after we renovated our basement, was why we didn’t do it sooner.

Steps to Renovating Your Basement

If you are staring at your blank basement space, and wishing that you could convert it into liveable space – then take these next steps to begin your project today.

Create a Plan

Before you begin with your basement renovation, start with a plan of action. Determine what you would like in your basement: a bathroom, an entertainment centre, a bedroom, closets or built-in shelves.

Before you hire a Kitchener Handyman to begin your project, you need to know what you want or need in that space.

Get the Proper Paperwork

Before you begin your project, you’re going to need the proper paper work to begin. This means getting a building permit from the city of Kitchener.

Building permits are in place for your safety. It’s not difficult to get a building permit for your home. You can click here for more information.

Consider the Details

Take some time and consider the details of your new project.

If you are looking to install a new bathroom in your basement, then choose a new vanity, taps and towel rack. Choose the colour of your walls, the shelving or the entertainment centre.

All of these details, from the carpet, vinyl flooring or ceramic tiles, have to be determined prior to beginning your basement renovation.

Choose a Handyman

In order for you to make this dream a reality, you’e going to need a trusted handyman to help you out.

At Kitchener Handyman, we have a qualified staff that can help you complete your project.

From the very first steps, to putting on the finishing touches, the Kitchener Handyman is an honest, trusted service that has been finishing basements for years.

Call us today at 519.772.6851, and let’s start your project.

Basement Renovation Reminders

There are some things to remember when renovating your basement.

  1. Make sure that the materials that you use are waterproof. We recommend using carpet on the floor or vinyl flooring.
  2. Soundproofing is also very important. Extra soundproofing in the ceiling will keep the sound of people walking above down to a minimum.
  3. Recess lighting is also important because the ceiling in basements are very low
  4. Heated flooring is also a great idea in basements because it keeps your feet nice and warm on those very cold nights 
  5. Open floor plans are also a good idea to keep good flow
  6. Remember the storage – there are lots of places in basements that are wasted space, and converting those spaces into shelves and storage. 

Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

If you are not convinced that renovating your basement is a good idea, then take some time and imagine what the extra space would mean to you.

When we finished our basement, several years ago, it was the best decision that we ever made.

Not only did it add awesome equity to our home, but it allowed us to have a family room – which increased the liveability of our home.

If you’e on the fence with your basement renovation, then take the beginning steps to bring your dream into a reality.

You won’t regret that decisions.

Call the Kitchener Handyman today, and let’s talk basement renovations.