Portable ice makers are wonderful devices that give us the ability to have ice whenever we need it.

With a push of a button, you can produce 20, 40, or even 50 pounds of bullet, nugget, or clear ice.

Note: What do you do if you want to make ice and don’t have an ice cube tray? Learn more.

Small businesses that do not need a lot of ice each day use portable ice makers to serve their customers and make delicious ice for beverages, food storage or frozen treats.

What happens when portable ice makers get dirty and your ice doesn’t taste the way that it should? This is when you need to spend the time and clean your unit.

To learn more about cleaning a portable ice maker head over to Ice Maker Geeks by clicking the link.

Here are the steps required when cleaning a portable ice maker.

  1. Unplug your ice maker and move it close to a sink
  2. Drain out all the water by removing the drain plug
  3. Place the plug back into the unit and fill it with fresh water
  4. User a cleaning solution in your portable ice maker (Learn which one is the best at Ice Maker Geeks)
  5. Run the cleaning solution through the machine (Use a self-cleaning feature if available or just run the ice cycle).
  6. Scrub down your portable ice maker. Clean the inside walls, lid and outside of the unit.
  7. Remove the drain plug and rinse the ice maker with fresh water
  8. Produce ice and throw the ice in the sink
  9. Continue to make ice until there is no taste of cleaning solution in the ice
  10. You ice maker is now clean

A clean ice maker will ensure that your ice is safe and tastes great. You family, friends and customers will thank you for providing the best ice possible. If you are looking for the best portable ice maker available on the market, then check out the best portable ice maker list on Better Home Living.