The price of a plumber is depended on the project you’re looking your plumber to do. Plumbers have such a wide-scope of tasks, that’s it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much it’s going to cost you, when you call a plumber to your home.

How Much Will I Pay For A Plumber in Kitchener

As a general rule, most plumbers in the Kitchener area, will charge $60 per hour plus travel time.

In some cases, plumbers will offer a flat-rate for some of the common services.

These prices include things like installation of a reverse osmosis system (about $195), a sump pump replacement, shower installation, toilet installation and dishwasher installation. These prices will have a standard free.

We have created a chart below with estimated prices on common plumbing projects around your home. These prices are not associated with the Kitchener Handyman (the chart below isn’t our price list), but just an average of what it would cost for a plumber in the Waterloo Region.

Average Prices on Common Tasks

It’s also best to call a professional for your plumbing needs. The Kitchener Handyman offer a wide-variety of plumbing services to meet your needs.

Sink Replacement$200
Toilet Installation$150
Dishwasher Installation$200
Water Softener Installation$195
Home Pipe Replacement$700-$3000
Install A New Faset$125


Looking for a plumber in the Kitchener area can be troubling. Getting someone to tackle your project that’s honest and has a high-standard can also be very difficult. You don’t want to end up paying a lot of money for a project that’s half completed or isn’t to your satisfaction. 

I recommend you call around and get some quotes from local plumbers. 

Talk to the plumber and ask them their options on certain tasks.

Give us a call at the Kitchener Handyman, and we can give you a hand with your plumber needs. Our helpful staff will walk you through the project, and give you suggestions along the way.